Our Design Procedure

Our design process comprises

Initial Consultation

We meet on site and discuss your likes, needs and wish list and I may make some suggestions. We choose the style of garden you desire, particular plants you love and often the colours you find appealing. After we identify all the essential conditions that will influence the design, such as soil type, aspect or existing slopes, we measure the dimensions of the garden and note existing garden elements and features.

Concept Design

The creation of a preliminary design is next, using concepts we have discussed and incorporating ideas and effective and practical use of your available space and natural features to plan the placement of landscaping elements.
When we have discussed and modified the concept plan we provide master plans and final plant selection.

Final Plan / Master Plan

The final plans will include a plan layout of your garden and a complete plant chart which denominates the botanical and common name of each plant, the number of plants required along with their features such as flower season and colour, and height of plant at maturity. We suggest features such as pots or seats, their style and where they can be purchased. For those on a budget we can recommend plants available in small sizes. Our master plans are designed to be clear, detailed and straightforward for a landscaping contractor or yourself to follow. Throughout this stage we are available for phone advice and follow up property visits if desired.